Current Exhibition
6 April 2019


Since 2014, Stanislas and Céline Gokelaere have passionately conveyed their idea of beauty by selecting rare pieces combining refinement and timeless creation, from the master designers of the 20th century.

Galerie Le Beau is celebrating its 5th anniversary this year and becomes GOKELAERE & ROBINSON!

This anniversary is the occasion to expand our horizons with the opening of a second gallery in Knokke.
The gallery is one block away from place Albert, on a « ramp » already dedicated to art, fashion and design, between the waterfront and the « Kustlaan ».

Golvenstraat 6 | 8300 Knokke
T +32 50 658 388

Past Exhibitions
6 September - 6 October 2018


Modernist Brazilian design is regarded as one of the most refined and high quality design in the world.
Before the 1940’s, Brazil imported furniture from Europe; it’s only with the rise of a new architecture and under the impulsion of architects like Oscar Niemeyer that Brazilian design was born.
Most of these new designers were European immigrants, influenced by Bauhaus, Italian or Scandinavian design. Their creation included indigenous materials, especially exotic woods, and shapes reflected the Brazilian way of living.

Gokelaere & Robinson presents a curated selection of Brazilian furniture by
design masters Jorge Zalszupin, Joaquim Tenreiro and Joze Zanine Caldas.

Past Exhibitions
7 June - 20 July 2018


Gokelaere & Robinson will be exhibiting a selection of pieces designed by the master designer and architect Alvar Aalto, from the 7th of June to the 20th July 2018.

Alvar Aalto was a hugely talented architect and an ardent spokesman for the international modernist movement, which he drew on to develop his own unique style. To this day he is considered one of the great masters of mid-century design and architecture.

During his long and prolific career, Alvar Aalto’s work embraced virtually all key public institutions as well as standardized housing and corporate headquarters.

Alvar Aalto began designing furniture and lighting as a natural but vital extension of his architectural thought.Innovative and radical, Alvar Aalto developed a reputation for his experimental approach to bending wood, through Artek, the company he founded with his wife in 1935. His style became known as human modernism.

A keen student of the subtle northern light, Alvar Aalto tried to integrate his work on lighting into each of his architectural achievements.

Innovative and radical, Alvar Aalto’s designs were influenced by artists as Hans Arp, Fernand Léger and Alexander Calder. Curves and free form elements became and are until today his signature.


Past Exhibitions
11 - 15 April 2018

Dialogue with Luc Peire

Every year, during Easter holidays, Gokelaere & Robinson curates an exhibition in Knokke dedicated to 20th century design.
This year rendez-vous will be the opportunity to discover the Atelier Luc Peire, the Knokke foundation of the Belgian painter.

Past Exhibitions
23 Nov- 20 Jan 2018


On the occasion of « Les Nocturnes du Sablon » (23-26 Nov), Gokelaere & Robinson will open an exhibition on iconic furniture and lighting by major mid-century French designers Jean Prouvé, Charlotte Perriand and Serge Mouille.
Shortly after the Second World War, this generation of designers and architects brought a new concept to the art of furnishing, dictated by a need for freedom and functionality in a time of technological and scientific advances, creating for the first time forms that were pure and without ornament.

Past Exhibitions
21 Sept -18 Nov 2017


Gokelaere & Robinson presents an exhibition dedicated to rare designers’ lights.

The invention of incandescent light bulb in the 1870s led to lighting becoming one of the first publicly available applications of electrical power. During twentieth century, designers took over this new technology to challenge their desire of creating welcoming and functional, yet aesthetic interiors. Some of them went even further by exploiting the highly decorative potential of lamps and creating real sculptures.

Past Exhibitions
1 - 23 April 2017

Brazilian Modern Masters by the sea

For Easter holidays, Gokelaere & Robinson will be exhibiting on the Belgian seaside in Knokke.
We will curate an exclusive exhibition dedicated to mid century Brazilian design furniture, in the historical modernist building « Het Zwart Huis ».

Past Exhibitions
8 Nov. - 23 Dec. 2016

Poul Kjærholm – Early Works

Steel’s constructive potential is not the only thing that interests me; the refraction of light on its surface is an important part of my artistic work. I consider steel a material with the same artistic merit as wood and leather

Kjærholm’s design is characterized by its understated elegance, clean lines and remarkable attention to detail – modest in means, but rich in expression. Although he always considered functionality an absolute requirement this was always done with an unwillingness to compromise as an artist.

Kjærholm’s work is represented in numerous museums around the world, most notably in the permanent collection of the Museum of Modern Art in New York and at the V&A Museum in London.

Past Exhibitions
14 April - 25 June 2016

Scandinavian Design

The gallery presents a selection of furniture that illustrates the craftsmanship and timeless design of the best danish architects and designers, including Hans Wegner, Arne Jacobsen, Finn Juhl…

November - December 2015

Danish Designers & blaise drummond

For our post-summer show, we are presenting a selection of furniture by Danish designers, and a solo exhibition of Blaise Drummond‘s works on paper.
Running through Blaise Drummond’s drawings are invisible threads that connect disparate universes, sensations and memories, anchored particularly in 1950’s and 60’s design and architecture.